Silicon Security Day 2021

Dienstag, 7. Dezember 2021
von 10:00 an 12:10

Silicon Security Day 2021 is NetMedia’s main online cybersecurity event that aims to respond to the new challenges for cybersecurity and technology managers in every kind of organizations. Silicon Security Day 2021 will have the most expert voices of professionals in the sector to address the keys to the threats that menace organizations and their protection in the new digital era. New unconventional threats, doxing and reputational attacks, identity theft with new technologies such as deep fake, BEC (Business Email Compromise) attacks, ransomware; security in hybrid cloud and public cloud environments, security with remote workers, security in industry, at the edge, IoT and critical infrastructures, threat hunting and EDR.

Find the answers you need at Silicon Security Day and protect your organization to keep innovating safely.

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