Data Centric – Digital First

The year 2022 was marked by geopolitical, economic and structural crises like no other. Consumer confidence slid to an all-time low, dragging down the business climate in the retail sector. Many companies see their economic existence threatened. The numerous economic and structural changes and their reciprocal effects pose enormous challenges for the retail sector. These include technological progress: digitalization, online retailing and e-commerce. 

The ever-increasing electronic networking and integration brings benefits and facilitation. New B2B platforms exist that allow companies to communicate with each other more easily. They can also reach their target audience much more easily through online marketing and sales. Direct procurement is on the rise, with goods increasingly going from the manufacturing plant directly to the end consumer. Producers are forming their own supply platforms and cutting out the middleman.

How should business processes be designed to make retailers more resilient in future crises? How can digital solutions support supply chain processes? How can the cloud help make retailers less dependent on their own data centers? We have compiled information to provide answers to such questions.

Salomon drive business agility and increase data center sustainability
HPE GreenLake transforms Salomon’s IT environment to enable more scalable service delivery while reducing carbon footprint with less equipment. Salomon will use HPE Synergy, HPE’s highly secure, software-defined composable infrastructure and HPE Nimble Storage, an intelligent, self-managing storage solution, in an as-a-service model, to provide an easy-to-manage platform that responds to growing business demands and allows better cost management.

HPE Small and Midsize business solutions for retail
HPE Solutions for Retail with HPE ProLiant servers leverage the flexibility and reliability of the cloud to create an agile, efficient, secure, affordable, user friendly environment that delivers.

Salling Group stocks up on agility to grow business
Danish retail giant, Salling Group, transformed its SAP business intelligence environment to produce real-time merchandising insights that help the company elevate the customer shopping experience and gain a competitive advantage. The on-premises solution delivered as a service by HPE GreenLake flexibly scales as business demand increases, providing cloud-like agility and pay-as-you-grow economics.

Silicon In Focus Podcast: Next-Generation Supply Chains
The retail space online and in the high street is continuing to transform. Can marketplaces help smaller retailers compete and differentiate their businesses? And what does the future of integrated retailing look like as customer experiences drive demand for change?

HPE Greenlake Retail Payments
Consumption-based solution, which offers a modern, open and service oriented architecture for acquiring, routing, switching, authenticating and authorizing transactions across multiple channels including ATM, point of sale (POS), Internet and mobile banking in a multi-institution environment across different geographies.

Silicon In Focus Podcast: The Neo Omnichannel
Are businesses still striving to build their omnichannel as they look towards their post-pandemic futures? The ability to move seamlessly from one digital channel to the next along the purchasing journey was always the Holy grail. Have E-commerce businesses achieved that goal?

Woolworths’ new payments platform for Wpay venture
HPE GreenLake cloud platform enables Australian and New Zealand retailer to launch new flexible payment offerings to market. Wpay payments platform is based on HPE GreenLake, allowing customers to innovate with agility, scale up and down as needed, and manage costs



Explore SMB IT solutions
Digital transformation is imperative for your businessYour products and services, customer experience, and employees productivity all hinges on digital. However, deciding what to do with your data and applications in a mixed environment as you scale can be challenging. You need to ensure your data is secure and that you can manage operations with ease and efficiency without sacrificing on customer experience.  

Conrad Electronics: HW Refresh – SAP Migration A&PS – HPE GreenLake
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